Basil pleads for action on corruption

By Sam Basil MP

My good country men and women I have been vocal against corruption in Government from the opposition for almost four years now and I am sick and tired already.

I am also a member of the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) with serious corruption issues on hand but nobody seems to pay for the crimes they did to the State which is the 6.5 million people of this country.

Human Rights report highlights Papua New Guinea's many problems

A new global report paints a gloomy picture of the many problems facing Papua New Guinea and the failure of our politicians to protect the rights and interests of ordinary citizens.

In its World Report 2011, Human Rights Watch documents how 2010 was another dismal year for PNG with corruption, police abuses, and violence against women and girls all dominating the news headlines.

Reforms necessary to uphold Sanctity of Parliament and Legitimacy of State

There has been growing concern in Papua New Guinea (PNG), in the past, and more so, recently, at the manner in which the people's Parliament has performed it's functions.

The three components of the State, Executive, Legislature and Judiciary are intended to operate independently of each other, providing checks and balances to ensure transparency and accountability. But, have they?

Three stories in one day point to calamitous year ahead for Exxon's LNG

Three media stories published on New Years Eve foretell what could be a calamitous year ahead for the giant Exxon-Mobil Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) project in Papua New Guinea.

The LNG project has already faced countless delay's and shutdowns caused by landowner disputes, poor working conditions, deaths and allegations of corruption.