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ENB, NIP hold autonomy meeting


The East New Britain and New Ireland Autonomy committees are now working together to reach their common goal of achieving autonomy for their respective provinces.

The two provinces have been fighting for autonomy for more than eight years and despite assurances by a number of governments over the years to address their quests for autonomy, nothing has been done by the National Government to look into the issue.

Environmentalist: Abolish special agriculture business leases

From Post Courier

An environmental conservationist from East New Britain has suggested that the highly controversial special agriculture business leases (SABL) should be abolished and replaced with special economic leases for specifically prescribed food crop farming, animal husbandry and other non logging commercial projects.

Forests continue to disappear as O’Neill sits on SABL issue

Nathan Matbob

Illegal logging activities continue to squander PNG natural rainforests as Prime Minister O’Neill sits on the SABL issue. It has been more than 3 weeks since the Prime Minister made an attempt on the SABL Inquiry recommendations. To date, no action has been taken by the ministerial team appointed to act on the inquiry’s recommendation.

Minister Allen urges people to trust his corrupt department with their land!

The Department of Lands is one of the most corrupt government Departments in PNG.  It has been slammed by the SABL Commission of Inquiry for its role in facilitating a huge illegal land grab. Yet Minister Benny Allen is urging people to register their land with his corrupt officials...

Lands Minister urges landowners to cash in

By Freddy Mou - PNG Edge