NGO Submission to the International Seabed Authority on experimental seabed mining

Recommendations in an NGO joint-submission to the International Seabed Authority (ISA) include best practice decision-making and that the ISA should not issue any seabed exploration licences if, most importantly, there is evidence of no free, prior and informed consent of indigenous people; or, there is broad lack of support; or there is minimal peer-reviewed research on the potential environmental impacts; or on potential impacts to the health and economy of human communities; or on the cumulative impacts and the mechanisms and strategies to address any problems that may arise from Experimental Seabed Mining operations.

It is clear that in Papua New Guinea, none of these recommendations have been met in the case of the Solwara 1 experimental seabed mine - further evidence that the whole project has been rushed and there is a lack of consent and proper understanding of the potential consequences.

Source: Deep Sea Mining Campaign

Attached below is a copy of the joint-submission to ISA by NGOs, Deep Sea Mining Campaign, EarthWorks, Mining Watch Canada, Mineral Policy Institute and Oasis Earth.