Madang town roads need repairing, upgrading and expansion before the 2018 Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation conference in Papua New Guinea, an official says.

Madang provincial Works director Hood Kasas said traffic in Madang had increased and become a great concern to the public and his office.

He said ministers from other Pacific countries attending the conference in Madang would not enjoy the road conditions and traffic jams there.

“It would be a slap on the face of us Madang people and our MPs if we don’t have good roads for our international visitors,” Kasas said. 

He said Madang was experiencing “very heavy traffic jams” between 7.30am and 9am every day along the Modilon Road starting from the Handy Mountain to the Modilon Shopping Centre.

Kasas said the judge at the Madang district court nearly charged him last week with being late in court because he was delayed in a long queue.

“School children and teachers and workers are going late for classes and work and it is something all political leaders of this province need to really consider,” he said.

Kasas urged Madang MP Nixon Duban and Governor Jim Kas to see that as a serious need for the province and to address the matter.