Basil: Finance Enquiry Anniversary Is Sad

Deputy Opposition Leader Sam Basil speaks out about re-couping the K780 million that was stolen and those implicated prosecuted as it is sad that after 5years nothing has been done and no one prosecuted yet!

Source: Papua New Guinea Today

“The Recently celebrated anniversary for the Commission of Inquiry into the Department of Finance, for misuse of K780million public money without any persons held accountable is very sad.”

This was the remark made by the Deputy Opposition Leader and Bulolo MP Sam Basil this morning when asked by PNG Village as to what he thought about nothing being done about the report. He says this is just like celebrating a death or funeral as it does not go pretty well with the credibility of our country when we talk about fighting corruption and giving good life to our people.

“I want the government and concerned organisations to know that there is still outstanding commission of enquiries and reports from the Public Accounts Committee still collecting dust in the public offices and in Parliament.” “Corruption is rife within the O’Neill/Dion Government, and they have misled all of us the people of Papua New Guinea saying that they will address the issue of corruption in this country and yet they haven’t,” Mr Basil said.