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Community Oppose logging in Tewae- Siassi District

We the Nzera Clan of Sio Village and Levo Clan of Karangan Village are TOTALLY AGAINST the current logging operations in the Wasu area in Tewae- Siassi District in Morobe Province.

The logging is done by Lucky Logging (PNG) Limited, a foreign owned Malaysian Company, under two Forest Clearing Authorities (FCA 13-02 and 13-03). The FCAs were supposedly issued for Cattle farming, Hunting and Forestry.

NEW REPORT: Ten Years Without a Crop: The Wammy Rural Development Project

Forest Clearing Authorities are being unlawfully used to facilitate large-scale logging operations by foreign-owned logging companies according to a new report published today by ACT NOW!, in collaboration with Jubilee Australia Research Centre. 

The new report, which focuses on the Wammy logging operation in West Sepik Province, reveals how a Malaysian logging company has used a Forest Clearing Authority (FCA), intended to allow land clearing for agriculture or other land use projects, as a front to export hundreds of thousands of cubic metres of round logs. 

Celebrating 47 Years of Failure

Eddie Tanago, Campaign Manager

While we celebrate 47 years of political Independence, we must acknowledge the fact that as a Nation we have failed to fulfil our development aspirations and we should reflect on the reasons why this is so.

Why have our social and economic development outcomes fallen so short of what we dreamed was possible, despite the fact that our Nation is so richly blessed in natural resources?

The answer is that our failures have mainly been caused by successive governments choosing to follow the wrong development model.

Landowners celebrate victory over SABL portion 144c

By: Eddie Tanago and Jimmy Kalebe

TURUBU AND SAUSSO landowners in East Sepik Province have celebrated over the weekend after the National Executive Council and national court decision that nullified portion 144c.

More than 1500 landowner representatives gathered in a peaceful celebration last Saturday in Wewak to inform the authorities, company officials and other landowners that portion 144c is now revoked.

Govt gives SABL title holders

Source: Post- Courier

THE title holders of the 29 revoked special agriculture and business leases (SABL) have 14 days to hand in their original title copies, says the secretary of the department of lands and physical planning.

Secretary Romilly Kila Pat said that the department was given directives by the national executive council (NEC) as per their decision 184/2014 approving to revoke all SABLs recommended by the Commission of Inquiry (COI).

NGO wants action on illegal PNG land leases

An NGO in Papua New Guinea says the Prime Minister's announcement that controversial land leases will be scrapped needs to be followed up with action.

Peter O'Neill has announced that Special Agriculture and Business Leases obtained illegally will be cancelled and provisions in the Land Act which allowed for SABLs to be granted, abolished.

He's acting on the recommendations of the Commission of Inquiry into the SABLs which was presented to the government nearly a year ago.