Endemic corruption

Everyone, from the international community, national politicians and law enforcement agencies through to ordinary people, recognise that Papua New Guinea has a terrible problem with corruption.

Government departments do not follow laws and proper processes, allowing resources to be stolen and massive environmental and social problems to go unchecked, and huge amounts of public money are continuously lost - it is estimated up to half the government’s annual budget is stolen each year.

In 2019, PNG was ranked 139th out of 180 countries in Transparency International’s Corruption Perception Index.

Numerous Commissions’ of Inquiry and constant public scandals attest to the complete breakdown of governance and proper process with the corridors of power.

One former Prime Minister has described the corruption as systemic and systematic and ACT NOW! has estimated the costs to the economy run into the billions of kina.

The corruption involves politicians, bureaucrats, law enforcement agencies, lawyers, banks and private business.  

ACT NOW! is campaigning for an Independent Commission Against Corruption to be set up to tackle the corruption and for the findings of the 2009 Commission of Inquiry into the Department of Finance to be implemented.

ACT NOW! has also developed a set of twenty-two Policy Proposals to help ensure Open and Transparent government. These measures have been identified through extensive research, benchmarking international best practice and wide consultation. If adopted, these measures could increase economic growth and boost the economy.