Policy Proposals for Open and Accountable Government

Corrupton is now so entrenched and pervasive that many people feel hopeless and overwhelmed by the scale of the problem.

In these circumstances, it is clear there can be no single silver bullet that cures all our ills; even an ICAC needs to part of a much more comprehensive and far-reaching set of reforms.

At the moment though there is no clearly artculated and comprehensive plan of what is required.

It is in this context that ACT NOW! set about developing a program of reforms that aims to empower the whole naton in the fght against corrupton. Ordinary citzens, the business community, churches and the insttutons of government, all need to be given the tools to play an actve oversight role.

It is only together that we can combat the crippling issue of corrupton and ensure we can have an open and accountable government.

Using extensive research, benchmarked international best practice and wide consultation, ACT NOW! has identified 22 measures to make government more transparent and accountable. If adopted, these measures could increase economic growth and boost the size of the economy.


We thank all the organisatons and individuals who have contributed their knowledge and insights during the development of these proposals.