Villagers fear mud harming marine life

Source: The National

BASAMUK landowners fear that red mud from the Ramu NiCo refinery is being washed into their fishing zone and affecting marine life.

Mindre villager Terry Kunning, said fishermen found red mud on their fishing hooks near to where the refinery disposed its tailings.

“I have some samples at home for interested people or authority to see,” he said.

He said the red mud had covered the reefs near his house, causing them to lose their colours and turning white as if they were bleached.

Madang provincial mines director John Bivi has sent a report on the landowners’ claims to the Department of Environment and Conservation and is awaiting a response. He provided photographs.

Ramu Nico media officer Mathew Yakai said landowners should report their findings to the company to prove if what they got was the slurry