Tomuriesa aims to deliver


Source: PNG Loop

Forest Minister Douglas Tomuriesa says he is developing a program with an aim to deliver services using funds from the Log Export Development Levy.

He says he has written a letter to every Member of Parliament outlining his plans on how the levies from logging companies should be spent on development.

Tomuriesa says over the past 12 years monies from levies were not being kept in a trust account with clear plans on what should be delivered to local communities.

“With this program I am going to be asking MPs for provinces where logging is taking place to present a project plan to me for funding from the levies,” he says.

Tomuriesa said that the levies would not be paid directly to provinces of Open districts but to the development project their people wanted to see.

“This means if people want bridges, sealed roads, maintenance of hospital or health centre or building of classrooms, then the funds will be expended on that. It is after all the benefits of taking from their land,’’ says Tomuriesa.

An information paper on this proposed program will be presented to the Prime Minister