Opposition to experimental seabed mining

In October 2012, 24,000 people signed a petition to the Papua New Guinea Government against experimental seabed mining.

It hasn't stopped there.  Opposition continues to grow. More than 20,000 people (and counting) have signed another petition to help save the oceans of Papua New Guinea from Seabed Mining. Signatures had reached 22,810 (as of 15thMay 2014) to support environmental campaigners who have long argued that seabed mining will contribute hugely to destroying untouched marine ecosystems. Leakages, spills and population from chemicals used to extract ore could also all cause irreversible damage to the oceans surrounding the mine site.

While the PNG Government continues to turn a deaf ear to this overwhelming opposition, the Canadian mining company, Nautlilus Minerals, has been funded by Papua New Guinea's "green" bank, Bank South Pacific Ltd to proceed with its mining operations.

The Pacific Ocean is rich in marine and resources and many indigenous people for centuries have been relying on the land and ocean for survival. The move to do experimental seabed mining could destroy this livelihood cycle for marine life and human beings as well and this is a major concern for all Pacific Islanders.

Such opposition gives a strong statement to the O’Neill Government that this is not only a national concern but will impact coastal communities in the region as well. 

Please follow this link to sign the new petition and register your voice in opposition to this experiment.