NEC decide on scrapping illegal SABL deals

Source: PNG Loop

Forestry Minister Douglas Tomuriesa says a submission on the recommendations from the Commission of Inquiry (COI) into Special Agriculture Business leases will be presented to the National Executive Council this week.

He says the submission contains two recommendations from the Ministerial Committee on 94 SABLs held by logging companies across the country.

Tomuriesa says dealing with recommendations from the two commissioners of the COI was one of the first things that he undertook when he took over as forestry minister.

He says the ministerial committee had difficulty in deciding how the 94 SABLs would be treated but decided not to take a blanket cover on all leases.

“So the recommendations were for all 94 leases to be revoked. We have gone through and have made a decision on each and every case and this is now subject to NEC approval,” the minister said.

He says once an NEC decision is made the Prime Minister will make an announcement on the way to go.