Loggers have to "show and tell"

Source: PNG Loop

Logging companies have been asked to show the government the number of developments carried out as part of their community obligation in communities they work in.

Forest Minister Douglas Tomuriesa says companies will have to show cause or their licence to log will be suspended.

He says for far too long local communities have been ignored on their own land and now it’s time to “show and tell’’.

“Other than the loud destruction in our forest, logging companies must show what they have delivered as part of their community obligation and those who fail to deliver will be suspended,” the minister says.

Last week Tomuriesa suspended a licence belonging to logging company Viva Success after the company ventured onto land they had no right to be on.

“ I called them into my office, asked them to explain what happened and they didn’t have a proper answer so I suspended their licence to log,’’ he said.

Tomuriesa says he will not hesitate to do the same to others if  they step out of line