Juffa on Nautilis

Source: EMTV

Northern Governor, Gary Juffa, has raised concerns over Nautilus Seabed Mining Project, which he dubbed illegal.

Governor Juffa said Deep Sea Mining has been banned in Australia and in Namibia, and already 20, 000 people in PNG have petitioned Mining Minister, Byron Chan, in October last year. Mr Chan said to respond in two weeks, but it has taken him one whole year.

Governor Juffa challenged all MP’s of parliament, to advocate against this issues as currently, he claims that everyone is quiet, only to impress the government while in the meantime, communities will suffer in the long run.

In support of Governor Juffa, is the Member for Sumkar, Ken Fairweather, who is against the government, to bet money on an untried process. Governor Juffa has been a critic of the project, and wants to the government to seriously address the issue.

His concerned that sea bed mining has the potential for severe environmental degradation that would negatively affect coastal communities in PNG