Groups against seabed mining

Source: PNG Mine watch

The operation of the seabed mining at the Bismark Sea, by Nautilus Minerals Inc, has been getting a negative reception from civil society bodies.

Pacific Civil Society (CSO) including churches, non-government organisations (NGOs), women’s groups, customary landowners and community groups are against the mining, saying it will bring more harm than good.

The body said it did not see seabed mining as a means of bringing economic development, job creation and foreign investment to the Pacific.

It believed that seabed mining would only lead to environmental damages and risks and it would affect the people regardless of the GDP being improved.

The group said: “Seabed mining will not lead to broader stability in our region. Pacific CSO with the European Union will continue to have more discussion and policy making processes at a national, regional and international level to stop seabed mining. This will enable them to address moral and ethical issues.

“Pacific Islands societies are facing conflicts even before the actual mining takes place.”