Court Restrains Logging on Local Land


THE National Court has granted Turubu landow­ners of portion 144C a restraining order to stop any further logging on their customary land.

They were not happy with the improper acquisition of their land by the state and the developers for Special Agricultural Business Lease purposes.

The order restrains Sepik Oil Palm Plantations Ltd, Limavo Holdings Ltd and Wewak Agriculture Development Ltd from carrying out any further logging over the whole of the Turubu customary lands until the final determination of the proceedings.

Justice Don Sawong, when granting leave for judicial review, ordered that the matter be returned to court on June 5. The court will then determine whether to make the order permanent.

Joseph Dayamba, a representative of Sinamblai No. 1 LLG brought the matter to court on behalf of five other LLGs who represent the interests of the other 50 LLGs in Turubu, East Sepik. Lawyer Carolyn Miana represented the Turubu and Sause landowners. Dayamba said the parties named as defendants, including the state, when arranging for issuance of a Special Agricultural Business Leases for portion 144C did not get their consent as landowners.

Dayamba said afterwards that it was a victory for the people of Turubu and Sause.