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Seabed Mining is an invasion of indigenous livelihoods

Image: Alliance of Solwara Warriors

Source: Caritas Papua New Guinea

Deep sea bed mining is the extraction of metals such as iron, manganese, copper, zinc, lead nickel, cadmium, silver, platinum gold and rare earths from the sea floor.

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Experimental seabed mining could have catastrophic climate impacts

Source: PNG Mine Watch

New research reveals experimental seabed mining could have a devastating impact on life forms that are "literally saving the planet” and preventing a “doomsday climatic event”.

The research lists experimental seabed mining as a major threat to ocean life that resides around hydrothermal vents and has been found to consume enormous quantities of methane that would otherwise enter the atmosphere.

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From the Pacific to London: Ban experimental seabed mining

Source: PNG Mine Watch

LONDON: This morning, NGOs and civil society are outside the 5th Annual Deep Sea Mining Summit calling for a ban on a potentially environmentally destructive “frontier” industry. They are calling on the EU to stop funding such reckless development activities and are standing in solidarity with NGOs, churches and community across the Pacific.

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Nautilus admits enviro impacts of mining unknown

Solwara 1 is within sight of the still smoking Rabaul volcanoes

Source: PNG Mine Watch

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Karkar Island youth protest against seabed mining

The youths of Karkar Island have expressed their frustrations over experimental seabed mining after awareness was organised by Act Now! and conducted by Tropical Gems.

The young people said they also share the Bismarck sea and they don’t want to be used as a science lab by Canadian mining company Nautilus Minerals whose experimental seabed mine will be the first of its kind in the world.

Youth Leader, Smith Tunn, said:

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Raikos people say no to seabed mining

The people of Biliau and Galil from the Raikos area of Madang province are standing together and saying No to Experimental Seabed Mining as this would affect their livelihoods and environment. They depend entirely on the sea for their daily subsistence.

The villagers and locals were attending an awareness on experimental sea bed mining organised by Act Now! and Tropical Gem to learn about the proosed Solwara 1 seabed mine. 

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EU and SPC peddling dangerous misinformation

Source: PNG Mine Watch

The European Union and SPC have published a new report [see below] claiming the money to be made from experimental seabed mining in PNG far outweighs the costs. Unfortunately the expensive report:

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250 tonne monsters ready to chew up the seafloor in PNG

The three 250 tonne mega machines that Nautilus Minerals will use to chew up the seafloor in PNG have finally been unveiled.  

One can only imagine the destruction that is going to be caused and the impacts on sea life and vital fishing stocks once these mechanical giants are unleashed…

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New international report highlights reputation risk for firms involved in seabed mining

Business Intelligence group, RepRisk, has released a new report highlighting the environmental, social and governance risks for companies involved in seabed mining and drilling.

RepRisk is a leading international business intelligence provider serving global banks, insurance companies, investment managers and corporates.

In its report, RepRisk, details the many environmental concerns surrounding experimental seabed mining including:

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NZ decision on Experimental Seabed Mining should prompt PNG review

The decision by the New Zealand government to reject an experimental seabed mining proposal should prompt a review of similar plans in PNG says community campaign group, ACT NOW!

"The New Zealand decision to rejected seabed mining in its exclusive economic zone is highly relevant to the proposed mining activity by Nautilus Minerals in the Bismarck Sea", says ACT NOW! Program Manager, Effrey Dademo.

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