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Print Media controlled by those who PAY


The two dailies are owned by foreign interest, foreign corporate interest to be specific. Papua New Guinea does not own a daily, one that is at least controlled by a Papua New Guinean, one that reports issues of interest to Papua New Guinea and Papua New Guineans. What is reported instead is merely what sells, what suits the interests of those who control these entities and that which does not in anyway conflict with the interests of the stakeholders that influence the output of these entities.

ICAC bill to be tabled in November

By ISAAC NICHOLAS in the Post Courier

The Independent Commission Against Corruption Bill will be introduced during the November session of Parliament and the anti-graft body should be set up as early as March next year, Prime Minister Peter O’Neill said yesterday.

Speaking on FM100 Talkback, the Prime Minister said the first reading will come in on the November 13 sitting and the second and final reading in February next year.

Turubu landowners want justice to be done over the land title issue


FRUSTRATION has build up for landowners in Turubu LLG whose land has been the subject of Special Agriculture Business Lease (SABL) in East Sepik Province.




Photo: Landowners gathering in Mundawin village for the meeting to put pressure on relevant authorities to give back their land title on portion 144c in Turubu LLG in East Sepik on Monday. Pihoto: JIMMY KALEBE.

ICAC law ready

Source: Post Courier

The proposed Constitutional Amendment to establish an Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) has been certified, gazetted and will be tabled in Parliament by the Prime Minister Peter O’Neill during the November session.

This was announced by Chief Secretary to Government Sir Manasupe Zurenuoc yesterday at his Morauta Haus office.

Turubu landowners call on Prime Minister to cancel SABL leases

By Jimmy Kalebe

AFTER a successful move by many landowners, civil societies and individuals in the country, Prime Minister O’Neill has received the SABL report.

Following that a concern landowner in Turubu LLG Fr Willie Suai has made a call to the Prime Minister to honor the report and cancelled all leases granted under the SABL which were found to be null and void.

PNG leaders taking laid back stand on SABL findings

By Joey Tau, Freelance Journalist Pacific Media *

Since the Commission of Inquiry into the Special Agriculture and Business Lease (SABL) reports were tabled in parliament last month, members of parliament have taken a sloppy approach.

Prime Minister, Peter O’Neill when tabling the reports labelled the SABL policy as a miserable failure.