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Imposed model of development, natural resource management and corruption

Photo: Some of the Pacific youth advocates attending the Forum who were inspired by the work of Act Now!

ACT NOW! was in Fiji this week to make a presentation at the UNDP-organised Pacific Youth Forum on Corruption in Nadi. The presentation linked our imposed model of development to the corruption in the resource sector.

Logging on SABL to stop soon?

Joy Kisselpar | PNG Loop

Logging activities on all 44 land obtained under Special Agriculture Business Lease will cease as soon as the National Forestry Authority receives confirmation from Lands department that the SABLs have been effectively revoked.

Forest Minister Douglas Tomuriesa says at this stage 25 SABLs have been returned and revoked however NFA is yet to receive confirmation.

State calls for land register

Comment: The Government is using the SABL scandal to push land registration, but land registration is a dangerous exercise as it can quickly lead to land alienation, and with corruption rife in the Department of Lands nobody should trust the government with their most precious resource...

Source: The National

OWNERS of customary land affected by the Government’s decision to revoke Special Agriculture and Business Leases have been urged to register their land and become title-holders.

O’Neill’s SABL promises need to be implemented


ACT NOW! and the Bismarck Ramu Group have warned the Prime Minister that landowners will not be satisfied until they know the NEC decision to cancel the unlawful SABL leases and amend the Land Act has been implemented.

They are also calling on the National Forest Board to immediately revoke the Forest Clearance Authorities granted under the SABL leases and stop the illegal logging.