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Help stop an environmental and human rights disaster

Your help is needed to STOP an environmental and human rights DISASTER.

Two million hectares of forest are being clear-felled within Special-purpose agriculture lease areas in PNG despite gowing evidence the leases and the logging are totally illegal and cause irreversible environmental damage.

Take action on violence against women and children

Joy Wartovo sufferred serious physical abuse (pictured) at the hands of her policeman husband for six years before he was arrested and suspended from work in January. But Simon Bernard was never prosecuted for his crimes and last week Joy was back in hospital being treated for stab wounds inflicted by her husband....

London to Barcelona for West Papua - Pushing the Boundary !

By Effrey Dademo

One issue that rarely gets the prominence in the Papua New Guinea media is the struggle by West Papuans for recognition of their territory – West Papua.  Although Papua New Guinea is very close to the struggle, having dealt with the influx of thousands of refugees across the border, the silence on the part of the Papua New Guinea government and it’s people, to atrocities and blatant abuse of human rights of our “wantoks” is deafening!

We urgently need your signature on the Environment Act email action

If you haven't joined the new email action on the terrible 2010 amendments to the Environment Act, please follow the link and ACT NOW!


There has been already been a good response and we have raced past 200 signatures - which is a great start, and a BIG thank you if you have already signed - but we still need another 300 signatures to reach our target.

Reality Bites !

By Martyn Namorong

This week Papua New Guinea celebrates 36 years of Political Independence. Amongst the euphoria and celebrations, I thought I’d throw in something more sobering. Something for you folks to think about whilst you’re dancing and feasting.

Happy September 17, PNG !!!

By Ganjiki D Wayne

Last year I wrote a piece challenging Papua New Guineans to be patriots beyond September 16. This year I can’t think of anything better than remind us of that message again. It seems come this month and day we slap on the colors, dance to the tunes, sing the anthem and share opinions on how great we think our country is. Come September 17, for most Papua New Guineans...it’s back to square one.