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Driving God Out of Our Conscience: What Then Shall Save PNG?

By Ganjiki D Wayne

It is becoming much clearer now. Our social reforms and legislative reforms, together with the learned opinions of “enlightened” Papua New Guineans, indicate an increasing line of thinking that PNG must no longer remain God-conscious if it is to be a modern State. Sentiments are creeping in that we no longer need God to prosper; that man is the Superior Being and must save himself without subscribing to a “make- belief, invisible being” to bail him out.

Media Release: IFC operating under a cloak of secrecy on SEZ laws for PNG

9 June, 2011

Operating under a cloak of secrecy, the International Finance Corporation has been busy developing laws to allow Special Economic Zone laws in Papua New Guinea, while failing to answer questions from civil society about the project.

This secrecy contradicts IFC claims that it is committed to transparency, accountability and sharing information 'to strengthen public trust'.

IFC refuses to answer questions on SEZ laws for Papua New Guinea

The International Finance Corporation, a division of the World Bank, has failed to provide details about its development of Special Economic Zone laws for Papua New Guinea.

Community advocacy organisation ACT NOW! had asked the IFC office in Papua New Guinea for further details about the development of the SEZ laws but its questions have not been answered. This is despite the IFC claiming it is committed to transparency and accountability and sharing information 'to strengthen public trust'. 

NRI Report highlights need for Commission of Inquiry into Special Agricultural Business Leases

By Lorraine Jonathan, NRI Media Unit

Papua New Guinea's Land Act 1996, provides an avenue for customary landowners to participate in economic development on their customary land. The process by which this is done is lease their customary land to the state in return for the state granting a special agricultural and business lease (SABL) over the land. This lease lease‐back system was designed to enable customary landowners’ access to credit for agricultural ventures on their customary land.

ACT NOW! calls on Opposition MPs to state their position on SABL inquiry

ACT NOW! has issued a public call for all opposition MPs to declare their position on the Commission of Inquiry into Special Agriculture and Business Leases.

"We have heard from the leader of the Opposition, Belden Namah, that he opposes the inquiry'," says ACT NOW! Program Manager, Effrey Dademo, "but do leading opposition MPs like Sam Basil, Mekere Morauta, Bart Philemon and Jamie Maxton-Grahem support that position?".

ACT NOW! congratulates Acting PM on land grab announcement

ACT NOW! has congratulated the Acting Prime Minister, Sam Abal, on his announcement of a Commission of Inquiry into Special Purpose Agriculture and Business Leases and an immediate moratorium on any further deals. 

“We applaud the Acting Prime Minister for recognizing these leases have been abused and the potentially devastating impacts they have on the lives of so many people,” said ACT NOW! Program Manager, Effrey Dademo.