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Government rushing new mines and laws without knowing costs and benefits

ACT NOW! media release

The government is rushing major new mines without properly understanding the costs and benefits of an export led economy or the possible alternatives.

Community advocacy group ACT NOW! wants the PNG government to commission a proper study of the full costs and benefits of existing mines and other natural resource industries before committing to continue along the same development path.

United Nations Secretary-General warns on the "precarious state of marine environment"

Via our Namibian Friends, SWAKOPMUND MATTERS (12-2012)


U.N. Secretary-General's remarks at Law of Sea conference and launch of United Nation’s Oceans Compact - 12 Aug. 2012

 The Secretary-General stressed several all important points. Among those are the following when he elaborated on the “precarious state of the marine environment”.

Milne Bay Members of Parliament refuse Seabed Mining in Milne Bay Waters

By Andrew Pascoe

MILNE BAY Governor Titus Philemon and National Planning Minister Charles Abel have added their names to the rising chorus of politicians standing against a Canadian miner’s plans to mine the Bismarck Sea.

The newly-elected Philemon has signed a petition demanding a halt to plans by Canadian miner Nautilus Minerals to explore for minerals in the province’s seabed, saying: “There will be no seabed mining in Milne Bay.”