Govt gives SABL title holders

Source: Post- Courier

THE title holders of the 29 revoked special agriculture and business leases (SABL) have 14 days to hand in their original title copies, says the secretary of the department of lands and physical planning.

Secretary Romilly Kila Pat said that the department was given directives by the national executive council (NEC) as per their decision 184/2014 approving to revoke all SABLs recommended by the Commission of Inquiry (COI).

Mr Kila Pat said that the issuing of titles is a process that has to be followed and the cancelling of titles is also a process that comes under the responsibility of the register of titles.

He said the process comes under the National Lands Registration Act 1981 when you register your land but the registrar of titles has a different function altogether.

The register of titles Benjamin Samson clarify his duties said the registrar is bound by the constitution under section 160 of the Lands Act to summon title holders to deliver the original copies for the department to cancel as per the NEC decision.

Mr Samson said the title holders are notified inadvance to get them ready before they can bring the copy of the titles back to the department as requested.

He said that most people think that the cancellation of the land or lease titles is just like that however, it will take a certain period of time for the department to follow due processes as required by the law before the titles are revoked.

Mr Samson said that as of next week the department will put up public notices on the two daily newspapers to inform the lease holders to come forward with the original titles of their land so that the department can start the process.

He said after 14 days notice those that do not come to the department will have their title cancelled as per the government decision.