Value of customary land highlighted

The value of customary land when left in local hands and the issue of compensation for the SABL land grab have both been highlighted in a seminar organised by ACT NOW!

The seminar featured Sydney University academic Dr Tim Anderson. Dr Anderson presented his report on assessing compensation for the wrongful loss of customary land.

The event was featured by all the TV networks in their evening news programs - their coverage can be viewed below.

EMTV: Economic Assessment - Customary Landowners Unfairly Compensated 

An economic assessment of Customary Land Value, has revealed that customary land owners in PNG are not being properly compensated for the use of their land. 

Researcher Dr. Tim Anderson, from the University of Sydney, said the research is an economic assessment of the compensation of customary land use under the Special Agriculture Business Lease or SABL. 

Dr Anderson said the research is more of a framework which identifies the importance of land.

TVWAN: Customary Land Compensation 

Community advocacy group ACT NOW PNG have invited an economic specialist from Australia to evaluate compensation entitlements for customary landowners affected the Special Agricultural Business Leases.

If the landowners have a case they can successfully sue the government and be compensated accordingly.

A report was presented by Dr Anderson of the University of Sydney, in Port Moresby today.

Dr Anderson stressed that the framework for assessing compensation is not a pricing formula, but to assist landholders look at the variation in damages and lost production values that SABLs have caused.

NBC: SABL Concern

An academic from the University of Sydney has again raised concern the special agriculture business leases or SABL.

Dr. Tim Anderson says, there has to be a proactive approach taken by the government to cancel the SABL's

The SABL's were deemed unlawful by a commission of inquiry in 2013, however no action has been taken by the government to cancel the land details