Student Association Gets Awareness Support from ACT NOW!

(Photo courtesy: UPNG Abau Student Association)

It is a great pleasure as an organization to be part of the incredible initiative by the Abau Student Association group from the University of Papua New Guinea this year on their  Advocacy Year-End Awareness Trip.

The association initiated the 2021 End of Year Awareness Trip under the theme; “ Together we are unbreakable – Transformation through unity and open-mindedness”.  Fundraisings were done throughout the year for that activity at year-end and 21 students were set for the trip to advocate on issues to schools and villages in the district.

Issues discussed during the awareness include education and pathways, coming national elections, COVID 19, Land issues among many other things. The visits included schools, villages, and markets. Thematically covering  Kupiano Station, Moreguina Station, Yanu High School, Kupiano Secondary, and other primary schools in the district.  On land issues, the students did awareness on protecting and promoting customary land, SABL, Illegal Logging, ILG and dangers, and land registration.

A part of Act Now! campaign program is to disseminate information through educational and awareness materials. Land issues is among many other issues Act Now advocates on. The Act Now campaign covers’ the model of development; issues and concerns affecting the model of development, customary Land issues, SABL land grab, Logging, Sea bed Mining, corruption and stealing of public funds.

To have the UPNG ASA reaching out to ACT Now! clearly reflects the theme and drive of the student association.

Act Now! was thrilled to have a chat with the ASA UPNG representative and Vice President Roger Arua before donating a full box of awareness materials which also included were T-shirts and flash sticks containing awareness videos.

Picture: Act Now! Information Coordinator and UPNG ASA Vice President at education awareness material presentation. 

ASA UPNG weeklong advocacy awareness trip was a success.

Their story was covered by EmTV.

ASA UPNG has set a good example for tertiary student associations. The need to reach out to organizations to support them with educational material that could help people to make informed decisions.

It is truly a highlight to other schools and student associations.

For schools and student associations who wish to do awareness in their provinces and need, materials can contact the Information Coordinator on 76296570 or email or direct message ACT Now! Facebook page.

Information can be downloaded for free on this link-