Land is our backbone and birthright



The National | Letters | Barr Tisne

Have you ever wondered how the colonial explorers took our land?

Have you even thought of how many pennies they gave in exchange for those lands?

It was such a scanty arrangement that was struck upon deception.

Anyways, it is as designed by the intruders, burdening us with little to no option.

But how could our past be genuinely recorded on out prehistory as it is biased is a challenge to all Papua New Guineans for the good of a robust and patriotic history to be written for our future generation.

The course of those colonial land dealings is still persistent today, affecting the rights of countless customary landowners across the country.

All PNG government centers are based upon such arrangements that give fewer and even no rights to the locals. But the locals own their because their land was accumulated and built overtime by the flesh of their deceased ancestors.

We have seen massive influence to the very crucial parts of our identity and sovereignty – our land.

Our land must not be sold without proper incentives for landowners.

If developers and investors want your land, don’t skip everything and concentrate on the payment part of the dealing. Make a thorough evaluation on the terms and conditions and the long-term benefits that will come with it.

This is where you will know which and what to begin with rather than considering the payment and forget about the rights surrounding your very own identity and backbone i.e. your land, your birthright.

PNG is moving on despite several economic constraints and political turmoil that erupted into a nationwide chaos.

We have out imports and exports progressing peacefully and that we can afford to have Australian rice on our dinner plates manufactured by the Chinese people.

This is an independent state and we are existing and competing among other economies and political giants across the world.

The government is functional.

We don’t experience military coup like Fiji and Tahiti or have other debtors seizing parts of our economic pillars like what has been done by Chinese on Sir Lankan ports.

We are blissfully surfing the Pacific Ocean while serving the entire world with what we have.

Such manner of progress would imply our economic and political independency which will give us minimal space to external influencers, mainly the east led by China and the West led by United States of America.

We have been unleased form out handcuffs and shackles from the colonial masterminds and now it’s our time to rise and claim what is rightfully ours.

All nationals must not offer your land for free dime.

You land is your back bone. It is your birthright.

Guard it well so that our future generation will appreciate what we do today.