Demand Basic Services from the Government not the Company!

Providing rural roads is a government responsibility

As Papua New Guinea (PNG) approaches the next National Election (2017) it is important for everyone to be reminded that it is the responsibility of the government to provide all the basic services we need. It is not the role of private companies to be providing classrooms, health clinics and roads.

We should remember that any government is made up of people ‘we’ elect to represent our voice in Parliament. And it is the primary responsibility of the PNG Government to fund national, provincial, local and community needs.

The Government has an obligation to build classrooms for your children to learn, construct new and maintain existing roads, and bridges so the populace can take their agricultural produce to the markets, bring in medicines to aid posts and health centers, and provide affordable housing for people in urban areas!

Do not demand it from the “Company’, don't expect it from the “company man”! It is the Government’s duty to provide those basic services for you. The National Budget is compiled each year to provide for these needs. 

If you demand these services from foreign businesses it always comes at a price! A cost much too dear – like your land and resources. 

Don’t negotiate with the Company, instead question your Member about why the government is not giving the services you deserve.

PNG customary land is being taken away rapidly. Between 2003 and 2011, 5 million hectares of land were taken from customary landowners and given to national and foreign corporations using Special Purpose Agriculture and Business Leases (SABL).

Landowners are desperate for services. They have not seen much government intervention in their communities and have sold their land to foreign companies in exchange for promised basic services such as roads, schools and health facilities, which is the primary responsibility of Government.

The misunderstanding of the role of Government has prompted people to thinking the “Company Man” has the answer! Foreign Corporations capitalize on this misconception by spending to fund political parties and candidates for the National Elections.

It is time to stand up and protect our most vital assets. Do not sign any paper given to you by anybody promising delivery of services in exchange for your land and resources.  This is the job of your Government. They should be providing services using the taxes you pay on the goods and services you purchase and using the taxes that businesses operating in PNG are required to pay