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Ministerial committee to meet on SABLs

Source: The National

PRIME Minister Peter O’Neill says a ministerial committee to implement the recommendations from the inquiry into Special Agriculture Business Leases (SABLs) will meet next week.

This follows concerns by Enosh Janduo, the president of the Sausse local level government (LLG) in Yangoru-Saussia district,  East Sepik, during a visit to Yangoru on Wednesday.

Janduo told O’Neill that the people were victims of the SABL where there had been a lot of land grabbing.

SABLs should be removed from PNG Land Act says expert

From ABC Radio Australia

The Commission of Inquiry into Special Agricultural and Business leases criticised many of the companies involved in back-door logging activities in PNG.

But it also laid the finger of blame for the situation on corrupt government officials and local brokers who facilitated the land deals.

Dr Colin Filer, Convenor of the Australian National University's Resource Management in Asia-Pacific program has spent many decades studying land issues in Papua New Guinea.

PNG's Prime Minister cancels controversial land leases

From Radio Australia

Papua New Guinea's Prime Minister Peter O'Neill says controversial land leases abused by the timber industry will be canceled.

He made the comments in a messsage sent to the Australian Association for Pacific Studies taking place in Sydney.

It is the clearest sign yet that millions of hectares of land, leased without permission of landowers will be returned.

Jemima Garrett is at the conference for Pacific Beat.

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