Policy Proposals for Open and Accountable Government.

A Consultation Document containing fifteen policy proposals developed to contribute to the national debate on improving governance and service delivery.

Framework for Assessing Compensation for the Wrongful Loss of Customary Land

An economic evaluation of the compensation to which Papua New Guinea’s customary landholders - wrongly dispossessed through Special Agricultural Business Leases (SABL) - might be entitled if they successfully sued the government. The evaluation involves the calculation of commercial loss but also, and probably more importantly, economic equivalent value loss. The framework identifies the relevant heads of value (not just priced transactions) and demonstrates appropriate methods for valuation. Written by Dr Tim Anderson and commissioned by ACT NOW! Publication date: May 2017.

Land Registration: Too Dangerous To Touch

A short, 12 page report, explaining what land registration is, its historical context and why it is dangerous for local communities and Papua New Guinea's development as an independent nation. Written and produced by ACT NOW! Publication date: March 2017.

A Critical Assessment of the Development Strategic Plan (2010-20)

A critical evaluation of the core assumptions underlying the Development Strategic Plan (2010-30) and its consistency with the National Goals and Directive Principles in the Constitution. Written by Patrick Kaiku and published by ACT NOW! in August 2016.

Critical Analysis Vision 2050

An analysis of how far the government's Vision 2050 meets the requirements of the Constitution and National Goals. Written by Patrick Kaiku and published by ACT NOW! Publication date: November 2015