O’Neill’s SABL promises need to be implemented

ACT NOW! and the Bismarck Ramu Group have warned the Prime Minister that landowners will not be satisfied until they know the NEC decision to cancel the unlawful SABL leases and amend the Land Act has been implemented.

They are also calling on the National Forest Board to immediately revoke the Forest Clearance Authorities granted under the SABL leases and stop the illegal logging.

John Chitoa says while the announcement of the NEC decision is an encouraging sign promises have been made before without any follow up action.

He also says the Prime Minister must release a full copy of the NEC decision so the details are clear.

Effrey Dademo from ACT NOW! agrees, and says the government also needs to take action to clean out the Department of Lands.

“The people responsible for these illegal leases and the whole SABL land grab, including the current Head of the Department are still in their jobs. All the officers implicated in the Commission of Inquiry need to be removed and the whole Department reformed”.