We should all applaud Customs boss Gary Juffa

Papua New Guinea Customs Commissioner, Gary Juffa, has spoken out against more tax concessions for foreign companies, saying he would not mind if such concessions were given to PNG companies but these concessions are going to giant off shore contractors who are merely seeking to hike up their profit margins so their executives can enjoy lucrative bonuses at the expense of the people of PNG. 

Well said Mr Juffa, we applaud you, and we encourage others to speak out against the many injustices our government seems only too willing to inflict on the people of PNG in its blind subservience to foreign corporations.

"PNG Customs Commissioner Gary Juffa has cautioned the Government to reject a submission from Exxon Mobil to amend Customs laws that would see significant revenues lost in Customs duties from companies associated with Exxon Mobil.

Mr Juffa in an interview with the Post Courier said Customs had dispatched the advice to the Treasury Department against accepting any submission by Exxon Mobil.

He said the submission is seeking to amend laws that would see further concessions to Exxon Mobil for its contractors and subcontractors to enjoy significant exemptions and concessions on all manner of goods and would allow almost any item imported exempt from Customs Import Duty. 
Commissioner Customs said if approved the precedent set would see significant revenues for similar projects and indeed any project that could be deemed a major impact project to miss out on duties that are relevant for the development of PNG.

“As it is, significant revenues have already been forgone as a result of the Gas Agreement, no problem, but now we are being asked to even leave the crumbs that have fallen off the table onto the floor for foreign contractors,” Mr Juffa said.

Mr Juffa said he would not mind if such concessions were given to PNG companies but these concessions are going to giant off shore contractors who are merely seeking to hike up their profit margins so their executives could enjoy lucrative bonuses at the expense of the people of PNG. 
Mr Juffa said since the submission is not in the best interest of the people of PNG, he will not support as it will not only see significant revenues lost but for other similar projects as a result of the precedence set.

This is not just loosing millions here but tens of billions over the years, lost as a result of such a precedent, revenue that would be very much necessary in development of the country,” Mr Juffa said.

He claimed that the submission was yet another attempt by the Gas Project to find ways around payment of duties lawfully due to the State by way of Customs Duties - such a submission was “sinister and unfair to the people of PNG”. 
Commissioner Juffa claimed that he was extremely frustrated at having to continuously explain to Exxon Mobil that certain and specific duties were payable and not included in the Gas Agreement. 
He stated that his position had been endorsed by the Attorney General’s Office and was not his own personal opinion but based on law.

Mr Juffa said PNG Customs had gone ahead to restructure the organization to ensure relevant staff and resources were available for such major impact projects and were in the process of recruiting even more officers to attend to major impact projects efficiently and effectively which included the Gas Project.


What can be said about PNG right now?
PNG has been given everything on a silver platter for the last 35 years but its successive governments have failed in just about every respect.
The place is a disaster.
I am sick and tired of Austrailian Tax payers forking out some where in the order of two billion dollars a year for the last two or more decades and at the same time have to isten to the xnophobic ranting of PNG nationals complaining about Australians.
And while PNG ios on the drip no one there seems to realize that te nation is still fundamentally maintained by countries like Australia.
PNG is a failed state, scrap the constitution, pu all of the ex prime ministers in jail, and start again.



Gary Juffa made statements in the newspapers alleging that a foreign vessel had left Papua New Guinea while it was under arrest and while its captain was on bail, thus breaching the terms of the arrest and the bail.

The plaintiff, an acting judge of the National Court, while a legal practitioner, placed an advertisement in the newspapers on behalf of her client the owners of the vessel.

The advertisement said the statements made by Mr Juffa were false.

On instructions from Juffa, Superintendent Kalaut, drew up Informations against the plaintiff in the District Court jurisdiction, alleging that, by placing the advertisement, the plaintiff had attempt to pervert the course of justice and that by the advertisement the plaintiff had spread false rumours.

Mr Kalaut then charged and arrested the plaintiff.

The statements made by Mr Juffa in the newspapers were false to his knowledge.

The allegations made by Mr Kalaut in the Informations were false to his knowledge.

The statements made in the advertisement by the Plaintiff were true.

The vessel was not under arrest and the captain who took the vessel out of Papua New Guinea was not on bail and had never been charged with any offence.

Garry Juffa is a disgrace and a cheat and tells lies in public, so says the court.

Garry Juffa is not fit to hold office as the commissioner of customs.

He lacks integrity and the capacity to dischage his duties properly.

Juffa is a disgrace to PNG,