Thank you Member for Sumkar, for putting the interests of your voters ahead of your own!

Mr. Ken Fairweather, a member of the People's National Congress and a senior minister in the Somare-led government, has resigned from the government in protest over the amendments to the Environment Act 2000. The amendments strip away rights of landowners to seek redress from the courts over environmental permits. The amendments were purposely made to defeat the current litigation by landowners, against Deep Sea Tailings Disposal System by a Chinese-Government owned Nickle Mine, MCC in Ramu, Madang Province, Papua New Guinea. 

Attached is a full page advert paid for by Mr. Fairweather, stating his position on 2 environmentally destructive projects undertaken by the Somare Government in his electorate...


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I admire the MP for Sumkar and I salute you for the personal decision he has made in protest.... The Sumkar MP has shown that he is a MP elected by the grass roots people who has the people's well being at heart... All good thinking MPs should be doing the same, if there are some in that shit hole house... These bunch of fricks should have not been MPs at all... They should be ashamed of their unthoughtfull decisions they have made for sake of their personnal benefits (bribes) they get from these reckless so called foreign investers.... I pray that God will punish these bastards and the investers...

Ken's never been a minister, just a backbencher and a bloody good one as he's just proved.

Thank you Ken Fairwhether for putting your people's interests before your own. You are an honorable man. You deserve to be there for another five years.

Creation of 5 new ministries is unacceptable

Fairweather must be commended for his stance - to resign as an individual concerning caucus stance on a matter in his own backyard demonstrates considerable courage and obvious conflict with the party line. This is no doubt an embarassment to the Government and ironically, probably highlighted the issue of the rushed amendments to the Environment Act 2000 to both the domestic and international communities more so than anything else up to date.

Why are people congratulating him on doing what he should be doing ie. standing up for his people? This is what I expected members from Madang especially to be doing. I guess we can all thank him for being the first to stand up whilst waiting for the others to follow suit. Ol narapela ol memba blo Madang, where do you stand? With the people who voted you in or with the Totalitarian Government of PNG???