Police Commander appeals for help in finding Joy's husband

Commander of police in the National Capital District Metropolitan Superintendent Joseph Tondop has called upon suspect Simon Bernard to surrender to police, according to the Post Courier

Bernard is wanted by police in relation to the assault, torture, kidnapping, rape and unlawful wounding of Ms Joy Guere Wartovo on at least three different occassions.
 The kidnapping, rape and unlawful wounding were alleged to have been committed by Bernard after he was on the run from police.

Mr Tondop said the suspect called him on his mobile phone yesterday to say he was surrendering to police but has not done so. 

"I waited for him all day yesterday and all day today but he has not turned up".

In the meantime, Mr Tondop has appealed to anyone who know of his whereabouts to contact his office on telephone number 3244282 or his mobile telephone numbner 71909990.

"We had difficulty capturing him earlier because he was aided, abeted and harboured by members of the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary. 

“I am also urging anyone who knows of any member of the constabulary who is hiding and protecting Simon Bernard to call my office and provide me with the information.

“I will protect your identify but your valuable information can help put Simon Bernard behind bars and also allow us to deal with officers who do not seem to know right from wrong."

He said photographs of Simon Bernard will soon be published in all media outlets including the Crime Stoppers Program on EM TV.
 He said the police need help from members of the public to capture Simon Bernard.

"So I am making a last appeal Bernard to surrender to police immediately. If you fail to do so you and everyone who has been hiding and protecting you will be severely dealt with".