PNG's Vision 2050

In December 2007, the National Executive Council (NEC) made a decision to develop a framework for the development of a long-term strategy for Papua New Guinea.

The result was "The Papua New Guinea Vision 2050", which was launched in November 2009.

The National Strategic Task Force which developed the Vision was headed by Professor David Kavanamur, and comprised, Daniel Kapi, Avia Koisen, Lady Aivu Tauvasa, The late Ambassodor Peter Peipul, Allan Bird, Michael Malabag, Paul Bengo, Robert Agarobe, Simon Kenehe, David Sode and Reverand Samson Lowa.

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Thanks guys,
I have been wanting to get a hold of this for a while now.

These documents are very close to useless. They just give people more ways in which to talk a lot and do nothing.

Thanks Anon! It is the right of people to talk and the responsibility of government to hear and do something. The document can be used by anybody from students to researchers to critiques and their discussions can lead to ideas on the improvement of the content. Again, we've posted it for people who have the time and the passion to contribute to change. The inconsistencies between this document and The PNG government's Low Carbon Development Strategy is an issue worth investigation and highlighting and someone who has been trying to get hold of the PNG vision 20/50 for this purpose obtained a copy by downloading it from our website. Thankyou for your comments..

Thanks for sharing this document. I have been struggling to grab hold of a copy so I really appreciate downloading myself a copy. Cheers

Well thanks for all that infor effrey. The Vision was lauched what???? Last year???? To date, no copies have been distributed to schools and other stakeholders.

I cannot even find a copy of the vision 2050 in our uni library.

What are waste to put together something that will NEVER work for the benefit of the average Papua New Guinean. We are not seeing the evidence of working towards this so called vision even today by those involved in putting together this piece of ....... It looks promising with the right words, right terminology and professional but ACTION is where this piece of work will fail. When people today who are in some position to speak out, following the example of Dr Marat, are quietly (it seems) to be enjoying the benefits of this corrupt government, nothing will happen. There has to be a starting place, time and SELFLESS people. Dr Marat cannot do it himself unfortunately. What are shame!

The vision is a dream and 2050 is a destination that is unpredictable.Why not start with a maximum duartion of 5 years to see if the vision shows sign of revealing and 2050 shows concrete backups and pathways to this unpredictable destination?

lets not feed on scrapes from inexperience and immatured bearaucratic dreams. There is no such thing as "try" if you don not know where to start.PNG is not the land of "expect the unexpected". Lets move with something concrete and evident in this changing world.

I would like to help build PNG in terms of skills and technologies. I grew up in Enga Province and it seems I personally know Mr. Daniel Kapi which I have been searching for him for such a long time. The last time we separated was in 1988 when I left for Philippines when he shook goodbye to me at the Port Moresby International Airport. I wish this message will be conveyed to him. Thanks.

Please inform Froilan M.Flores to contact me on my email.

You can download a clear version of the Vision 2050 on the Department of Treasury's website. The link attached on top is a scanned version of the Vision 2050.

here is the link:

Thanx Symmond for the link.

Please speak your minds about the PNG Vision 2050. Also be advised that soon we will be launching the Website for the PNG Vision 2050. PNG Vision 2050 Advocate

Thanks everyone!! I am ready for a better PNG...

let's joint togther as one Papua New Guinean and work together to achieve our country vision. If we set our vision and work together if, we will still achieve it. If we are not working together than out dreams will not fulfil. Our government and the people of this beautful MUST work together. ta