PNG Organic Law on Integrity of Political Parties and Candidates declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court

Papua New Guinea's supreme court of justice has ruled that the Organic Law on Integrity of Political Parties and Candidates is unconstitutional. Please find attached the judgement in this matter...


Thanks Effrey,

The recect rejection by the Supreme Court of the OLIPAC legislation may precipiate a changing of the guard at WAIGANI. Those MPS who transferred their loyalty for goodies, may now be seeking goodies elsewhere.

Not having sufficent and detailed knowledge of the effect on the Provinces, it would be good to some postings on the effect of the rejection.

Is there a lawyer who could explain the general effects of the rejection. My bush lawyer instincts tell me that it was unconstitutional from Day 1, and therefore any action taken under it are unconstitutional too.

Hi Peter, the consequences of the supreme court declaration are both negative and positive! What is required is for a tidy up of the law - a relook at those sections (as not all have been declared unconstitutional) and probably tidy it up...In any case, we've sought the assistance of a lawyer to give us an opinion on the effect of the rejection etc...we will keep you posted!

I think its true
What ever big man have their own constititions and small people are always affected by their laws.

PNG when are we be travelling on a ethical road after pronouncing christianity

Thank you Eff for the post. We have sent the pdf to all our mates on campus and will be looking forward to more updates. btw, is there a possibility of posting what Proff Nongorr explained in the media on OLIPPAC?

hi i am a 1st year political science student at UPNG,i am currently doing a research on the organic law and would be happy if you can help me out with any information whether it be good or bad concerning the organic law...PLEASE FORWARD IT TO MY EMAIL ACCOUNT..your help will be greatly appreciated...

Please anymore updates??? It would be realy helpful coz am ryt in the bush and m wondering how my MP Mark Maipakai crossed over to the opposition in the last minute who then formed the government seconds later and is currently in the cabinet again. Guess he realy has some good friends in Waigani coz as far as i know the NA party is split between the highlands block n the momase block. Ges the Organic law on Political parties and candidates is realy a success story(joke) after all!!

Hi Effrey,
firstly thanks! I've been wondering if there could be such a page created for political minded people to share ideas of whats going on with our govt of the day.
Actually I'm a member of the TIPNG and have received lots of compliments regarding the political issues happening around the clock,I've read about ammendments and issues rising,with the recent one on the OLIPPAC I wonder why its being so hard to just declare the ammendment in Supreme Court as unconstitutional.Were they being transparent enough? Besides, all this will never have happened if we leave politics for a while and imagine what our lives will be in the next few years, we need integrity and a govt body worth our thrust. We cant suacide and risk our country on self-centered people.
Thats something we need to think twice about with the upcomming election.
Concerned citizen...

Hi Tina, Thanks! I note Peter Aitsi during his term at TIPNG very much followed this issue closely and was in fact the person that gave us a copy of this judgement to post. I wonder if there are any latest updates on the issue ? And if TIPNG would know anything ? 

Regarding this matter-'the organic law', it is extremly an important issue that should have been discussed earlier. However, it is still helful now as i read ond go through it with some of the comments that being posted on website.
Im more than happy to thank the person who actually came up with the idea of organic law which is more helpful and encouraging. But i should say that unless the government of the day do not take seriously this matter into consideration, there will not be any effective changes made towards the economical welfare of our country-PNG.

Therefore, this time i want to put the 'losing game' in the powerful hand of our today's government. It is noe their turn to win the grand final for everyone of us.


Chris (Kay)ANDREW