PNG Mineral Policy and Legislative Review: Documents for public comments

The PNG government through the Department of Mineral Policy and Geohazards Management is undertaking a Mining policy and legislative review exercise in 2010.

The legislations and mineral policies of the Government of PNG as well as draft legislation and policies previously drafted are attached below for comments from the public.

The following documents are attached:

  1. Mining act 1992 +  Regulations
  2. Proposed mining legislation drafted in 1996
  3. Proposed Mining (Safety) legislation drafted in 1996
  4. Green Paper on proposed draft Offshore Mineral policy of 1998
  5. Mineral Policy 2004

You can send your comments direct to:

DMPGM, Private Mail Bag, Port Moresby, NCD, Papua New Guinea

OR send your comments to us to deliver, with your full name and contact details.

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I used to work for a mining joint in their early stages of exploration and costings.

What would be more bennefical for the landowners and the ordinary citizen is to have an independent( say from NGO groups)without influence from government and mining co. to look into:

1. check all costings of the project, including overseas expenses
2. from this it will come up with a break-even amount per ounce.
For the good of our people who are the eventual loosers when mining comes to a close,a new way of benefiting should be looked into. That is to say, if for instance the break-even amt is US$200/oz and the gold price was $500/oz we may keep present system but if the gold price raises above this agreed/negioteted amt($500) there should be in place a way of benefitting from this excessive greed by foreigners/shareholders,
many of whom do not really care what happens to us in the long term.

3. who came up with 2% equity, why not 30%,50% or any other

4. when a mining co decides to do mining, they do not have the capital. They have to borrow this capital based on OUR gold, oil or gas deposit. So why are we always the losers at the end. Where and what project has really brought worthwhile change to our people.

5. Mining companies take risks and invest in exploration. If nothing good comes out of their work, they count the costs and go elsewhere. If they do find minerals, we the eventual big time losers should partner and do the mining. The landowner and the miner should be the partners and pay tax to the government.

6. The landowner puts forward the mineral, the land, his change of lifestyle which will be for generations to come (should be costed), environmental dangers and etc. These all should have a monetary figure against a mining co contribution of exploration capital, initial expertise to find the mineral. Other than that what else have they brought in that gives the right for 98 percent.

7. we must know for sure when mining companies bring in their people to negiotate, they bring the VERY BEST, not just anybody with a degree from a 3rd world country. These guys are representing shareholders and a board who's main function is PROFIT. One would be so dump to think otherwise and it seems is the case and our people, country is on the loosing side.

Could you please provide information on how I can export gold, as I am going into alluvial gold mining. Can you be able to assist me in this regard as to help me get my supplies to the reliable sources overseas. Please help me.