Photos from the protest march in Madang

On June 30th over 3,000 people peacefully marched through Madang town to protest the government's amendments to the Environment law that take away landowners rights and grant immunity to foreign companies for the environmental damage they cause.

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Ano Pala shows himself to be an ignorant fool.

Madang marchers face arrest
Source: The National

POLICE in Madang are awaiting instructions from their superiors and the attorney-general and state lawyers to execute arrests on ringleaders of yesterday’s protest march against the Environment (Amendment) Act 2010.
Provincial police commander Supt Anthony Wagambie Jr had earlier on instructed protest leaders against staging the march as the matter was before court and was sub judice.
However, yesterday, hundreds gathered and staged a peaceful and vocal demonstration against the amendments at an open field near the provincial administration buildings.
Wagambie said it appeared that the protest march was organised by both Madang-based and overseas non-governmental organisations. He said police would only execute arrests and file contempt charges if the necessary documents by state lawyers were in place.
Following the filing of a Supreme Court reference disputing the amendments, state lawyers also argued successfully for the matter to be ceased.
Attorney-General Ano Pala later explained that as such, “there should not be anymore discussions, comments or references conducted in the media, or elsewhere”.
“There will be no more talkback radio programmes and interviews, no more advertisements, no more letters to the editor, no more public meetings and, above all, no public demonstrations or protest marches,” Pala stated in a public notice.
The people, mainly town residents, were joined by villagers from Rai Coast, Trans Gogol and the Karkar and Bagbag islands who are members of the Madang People’s Forum and the Bis-marck Solomon Seas Indigenous People’s Council.
Nearly the whole student population of Divine Word University, who had foregone the PNG University Games currently underway at Unitech in Lae in preference of starting their second semester, left classes to take part in the protest, a protester said.
The protesters congregated at the Laiwaden oval and carried placards that said simply: “No no no” or, in a message to Environment Minister Benny Allan and his colleague MPs: “Yu yet gat graun” (you are a landowner).
They were planning to march on the road to the provincial headquarters when Governor Sir Arnold Amet arrived.
“He came escorted by police,” organiser George Ireng said.
Ireng said he asked Sir Arnold to take the lead and march with the people but the governor declined.
Sir Arnold could not be reached for comment.
“He opted to clarify the amendments but we did not want to get any clarifications. It was clear he was trying to defend National Alliance and not the people.”
Parliament had, on April 28, enacted a piece of legislation outlawing third parties from suing developers.
The landowners of Basamuk Bay in Rai Coast felt it was “a direct insult” on them having given Allan and Deputy Prime Minister Sir Puka Temu a 21-day ultimatum on April 10 to reply to their petition.
Their petition had called for an independent study of the effects of deep sea mine tailings from the Ramu nickel mine.
They felt that the disposal would adversely affect the marine eco-system from Rai Coast to Karkar and Bagbag islands in Madang to Siassi in Morobe.
Wagambie said all available police manpower in Madang, including a section of the MS14 (riot police) personnel based at Bogia, were dispatched throughout the town asking residents not to stage the protest march.

Ano Pala is a bunch of idiot too to issue an edict stopping any protests, marches, letters against government's action of amending the environment act. He has to read his duty statements and understand the roles of his office. He is Somare's kid-a puppet? Hope he accept himself a puppet of Somare.

He further denies the fact that he is a Papua New Guinean and have to return home one day.His relatives may be living an egalitarian way of life while he enjoys hmself.This applies to every other MPs who vited for the amendment of the act.

Now, as a result of our protest, Jr Wagambie is waiting for orders form the higher authorities to make arrests of ring leaders? Is he not a Papua New Guinean too? Protecting and standing for whose interest? Concerened about his bread and butter now-this Wagambie Jr? He is brief case carrier of Somare-a puppet too who does not understand democratic rights for a free speech and could not understand how detrimental the DSTP could be to the people and their environment. We must get rid of un-thinking and unconscious people who do not understand human rights of people. They are robots of Somare who act when orders are given, when not don't act. What are all this puppets up for in PNG?

The protest march is very touching. The Amendment Environment Act 2010 must be reversed by the Government now. While it is being reversed we the people have to now develop strategies to mitigate the consequences so that our country remains standing as we are already condemned to be a failed state. We have to prove to the rest of the world that we are not a failed state and we live and appreciate ourselves as our Fifth National Goal the ";Papua New Guinean Way;" Surely we have to synchronize and harmonize our hearts now to serve our grassroots people and not serving them to exploit them and make money out of them.

We will not stop speaking if laws made by the current government does not benefit Papua New Guinea. Democracy is too precious. Let them arrest us, we have the truth on our side. Go George and all those behind him in prayer, finance, encouragement and support. God Bless PNG!

Ol Wali yah ol nogut yah. Ol no harim tok blong polis tu yah. ol mekim sawe long march insait long Madang Town yah. You have the right to march in PNG, not Benny Allan, Michael Somare, Arnold Amet or Ano Pala has the right to stop you. These people and NA will be history in 2012.

Well done!....George, DWU students, Church Groups, NGOs, Madang residents and all villagers from in and around Madang. I applaud you all for the unified and peaceful march against this oppressive piece of Act. Development initiatives should never be pursued at the expense of our environment!....

The Somare government is becoming a dictatorship.

Michael Somare is growing Chinese eyes because he is so busy looking after Asian business interests as more important than the health and well being of the people of Papua New Guinea.

Somare likes enrichening a few corrupt village leaders while the village fisherman find their fish killed by mine pollution and other villagers watching their hunting and gardening sites destroyed forever for 1000 and more generations by the actions of the Chinese mining company.


Yes it's really a disgrace to see other people coming in and claiming our birth right.

All we have to do is just to make sure we eradicate the current government before we become nobody in our own land.



Pom CT

Arnold Amet is a puppet of the NA government, why didn't he as the governor of Madang vote against the Environment act. Furthermore he is really a foreigner in his own land thats why he didnt want to listen to the protesters point of view. Being a former Chief Justice he is a disgrace to the people of Madang, why cant he act according to his standard rather that being pushed by the NA-Chinese led Dictator Government.
He should not even try to stand in the next election because the people are tired of such leaders. No more NA in Madang. Anyone who is planning to contest under the NA banner in Madang will be seen as a puppet with no support. Enough is enough.

Thanks folks for taking the lead on this. This is definitely one of those serious issues that should raise everyones concerns.The writing is clear on the wall..the government and particularly that guy Somare is not interested in doing good for his people anymore...and he never did incase you're wondering! He's interested in serving the interest of his asians friends more so than his people. C'mon how can you allow these foreigners to come in, extract the wealth of the land, LEGALLY destroy the land, the environment then leave? At the end of the day, you won't be around and surely not these chineses...what will happen to our future generation then. Will you rise back from your grave to fix all the environmental problems that you would have allowed to happen? Look at Ok Tedi..the Fly River is all but destroyed.
Friends let me tell you something...we all know that what ever resources we have in the ground is not renewable and as long as nobody touches it, it will remain intact. World energy demand is forever increasing every day and so is the demand for many of our non-renewable resources.. The point i am trying to make here is this: there has to be a sustainable way of extracting our resources, no need to rush. Lets do it in a way that best serves both our economic desires and the protection of our environment. Who cares if we close the mine long as the demand is there, the need to have this resource extracted some day will surely remain.Let me warn you all that the chinese are all out to secure all the resources they can to ensure a continuous supply to sustain their economic progress..and they have the money to buy out PNG if they so this the kind of situation you'd wanna be in? Guys lets fight this together for our future generation! The way I see it..PNG has been a very generous milking cow for too many nomadic and con asians..they make all their wealth in PNG at the expence of too many hard working wantoks, only to leave a few years later then build themselves huge mansions in places like aussie and other more developed countries..while PNG will always be left to feed on crumbs!

Sir Arnold Amet is NA's pupet.

Go Papua New Guinea! Hopefully what was done in Madang will be re-enacted in other provinces. This is an encouragement to students from UOV, UNITECH, UPNG, TAFE, POLYTECH,HATECO, etc. Please rise up! This will affect you! Sapos yu save olsem yu gat graun that you claim as yours then you must voice your concern somehow. Letters, blogs, Bebo, Facebook, HI5, any social network will work just as well as a protest march. Lets do it for our children that aren't born yet!

GO UOG,UOV, UNITECH, UPNG, TAFE, POLYTECH,HATECO, what are we waiting for if DWU can organize and take part in this historical protest against the Environmental Act…why are we waiting? Just think,…. for generation our forefathers, grandfathers, fathers, brothers, uncles have fought fearlessly to keep tribal enemies from invasion of our land rivers, trees, etc….lives have been lost for the sake of LAND! Therefore, it is our nature as a PNGan for fighting for our land. This is the time we saw the Asian run Government of this blessed nation our true nature…. Rise and say enough is enough…

Correction! UNITECH Madang Student Association was the only University group that took part in the protest. Our student leader was the MC during the protest march. We came and gather the DWU students. They (DWU) where in class but we managed to find them so we (UNITECH) can have a meeting. We did had a meeting. However during the protest march they (DWU) came late because of their classes.

Felix, please dont try to score points for your so called Unitech Madang Students Association and just write the truth. What you have written is all lies except that a former Unitech student by the name of Kervin Lai was the MC.

People like you should not score points on behalf on whatever tertiary institution you attend. Do something because you want change for PNG and not because of other motives. If you and Kervin are still in Madang, I personally invite you to our DWU Patriot club weekly meetings held every Sunday at CA 318 classroom @7:30pm.

could you like make your statement clear so that people can get what you are trying to say? no lies and bullshits coz no one is a fool!
You those other tertiary institutions and organisations like the UNITECH Madang Student Association were relaxing away while DWU took the protest on it's own hand. And as my other college as said, there was only one person who represented UNITECH but that didn't make any differences.
And DWU even didn't have class during that time; Yes, there was lecture going on but students didn't go for lectures...
Noken con nambaut nambaut long putim nem blong yupla go antap.

Thanks to all who took part in the peaceful protest.
The message was very clear.
By now I hope Somare,you and your team comprising of hypocrites should be well informed that the amendments made to the environmental laws was not in the best interests of the nationals but the interest of your chinees business patners.

Warning...this is only an eye openner.If nothing is done to stop the new amendments, then we will continue to fight for our rights.Even if it means blood shed, Somare, you can kill the all five million plus population to take our land rights away.
Can the police possibly join us???
The top down hiearchy of police, as citizens of this country should also be aware that we are fighting on a good course, to save your children as well. It is clearly evident that corruption with Somare's govn't has reached its highest peak and yet, why are we too protective to let him keep on destroying us like that. Remember, land is our life not the money.Somare doesn't care because he is a citizen of China, but where will you return to? where is your identity? Think about it.Enough is enough,it's about time for all of us to act now or we suffer in our own land.

Thank God..eradicate him.

I wanted to thankyou all the Divine Word University students who made an attempt to join the protest. It shows that you gat concern lo graun bilong you na ol pikinini bilong you long bihain. We are Papua New Guineans and our land is our life,dont let anyone to take your birth right away from you. Do all you can to stop these puppets from taking your land rights away from you and fight and die for your land. Think ahead and action it now before its too late..

For a change the people had a voice. It sounded funny when the people crowned Sir Michael as the Prince of China. The people and students of Madang Acted on the issue....over to all you other Papua New Guineans.

I salute the people of Madang for standing up aginst the mining companies that are only interested in making profits by exploiting the resources in Madang.The people of Madang are not to be fooled with short term monetary reward that this Chinese company have up their sleeves. The destructive impact of such development have been experienced in other countries where the wealth have exhausted and the environment completely destroyed.
Papua New Guinea with its richness in natural resources is one of the few countries in the world that can be proud of their natural environment.To the people of Madang,do not give up your fight cause your future generation will suffer if you do not act now.