Papua New Guineans are being trodden on and kicked: Get up and protect yourself!

By a Special Correspondent

What more does Somare and his evil and corrupt Government have to do you to make you stand up and demand change?

The Constitution (the Mother Law) has been ignored, broken, tampered with and treated with contempt. Every other law of the land has been treated with similar; or worse; contempt by the Somare Government.

Hospitals are buggered; clinics have no staff or no drugs or are gone completely. There is no health care for the majority of PNGs.

Schools are either broken down or closed down. The ones that operate charge "fees" that most families can't afford; have less teachers than are needed or ones that are not worth paying; and teach the kids bugger all nothing or how to speak and spell incorrectly.

Roads; Public Facilities; Government Offices; Schools; Hospitals and Clinics; everything is FU**ED.

Corruption has taken over everything: Government, Police, Defence Force; everything from top to bottom.

Somare and his Ministers are blatantly stealing the people's money and living like Kings in PNG and overseas; their families are receiving the best medical attention and education (off shore); they are driving flash vehicles and gambling in the best places in Moresby and overseas; they are amassing fortunes.....all from the public purse.

If and when they are caught out; they ignore it, or change the law, or bribe the Police or Judiciary, or just let it all go....knowing that PNG's will not act against them.

They have sold out the country and its resources to foreigners; they take their orders from the likes of RH or MCC or any number of unethical companies that are just here to rape PNG and leave the mess for our kids to clean up later....if ever they will be able to clean it up!

All of this and far more: yet only a handful of PNGs are even speaking out. WHY?

There are well over 2,000 people following Act Now; over 3,000 following Mine watch; over 2,000 supporting Anti-Corruption PNG. Are these people joining just to get one more number on your friends list on your profile? Do you truly believe in the cause or are you just fence-sitters?

The problem is that most of you are not feeling the effects of poverty like the vast majority of our countrymen and women. You have enough to eat; your kids are getting an education; you & your family get medical treatment when you are ill; you have a decent home to live in; you have employment and an income; you get to go to Clubs and live it up sometimes; you have a vehicle for transport; you have a computer and facebook; you have clothes to wear and telephone to "chat"; and you have not felt the total impact of what your government has done.

Don't be lulled into a false sense of security; the poverty that afflicts more than 90% of Papua New Guineans is on it's way to your house as well; unless you do something about it right NOW!

Next years election is too late; next month is too late; tomorrow may be too late.

Indonesia controls your brothers and sisters in West Papua: they torture them, oppress them, rape them, kill them, and are committing genocide against them. The PNG Government is now obeying Indonesian orders to attack West Papuan Refugees in your country: PNGs will be next; YOU and YOUR Family will be next.

Foreign Companies are stealing your resources; Somare and his Government are allowing them to do so; even helping them to do it; for a brown paper bag filled with CASH for them and their families. When they are finished there will be nothing for the people of PNG; INCLUDING YOU; the environment will be so spoilt that you'll not even be able to live off the land as our forefathers have for thousands of years.

The wolf is at the door: will you fight it? or open the door and let it devour you?

Those of you who have access to modern communications and are reading this......YOU have a responsibility to ACT NOW; on behalf of the 6 million of your countrymen and women who are unaware of the true state of the Nation of PNG. In the future you will be held accountable; or revered; for what you choose to do NOW!


Could not have said it better ................ keep up the good work !!!

I could not agree more with tok stret, however I just want to point out that Somare and his mates may just pawns in a global plot to capitalise on global resources (take it all, whatever the cost), thus stay powerful and govern the world. PNG sadly, may have been sold long ago to foreigners for kickbacks, by our ignorant leaders. They run amuck with pen to sign on any paper, giving little regard for the consequences it may have on the people and their land. Can some of our wealth be left intact for oour children and their children in future.

I have seen a map drawn up after WWI with 4 quadrants. The idea is to have 4 chiefs running 4 UNIONS (Does the word ring a bell? EU?). Do you notice what happens, when a nation in the pacific does something against the norm? The policeman (AUSTRALIA and NZ) steps in, qualifies their action by, calling the nation a failed state, and beats the hell out of its citizens.


In the meantime with wide eyes, we let them take our resources.

This however does not excuse our leaders for their greed and lack of will power to do what is right by nation which was founded on God's word and its'7 million people.

Time to wake up and do something!