Is Papua New Guinea heading for disaster?

By Patrick Seleng 

The opposition has sought the Supreme court's interpretation on the number of sitting days after the speaker gagged the Parliament. About 1 year ago I wrote that the opposition's attempt to take this matter to Supreme court was a waste of time and money as Somare has outsmarted and outwitted Mekere and his opposition team. Up to now, there is no mention of this in the mainstream media, infact, this matter is given the hugest hiding. 

The Oppostion should feel wasted, unwitting, outplayed and no-match to Somare, the opposition is a pool of small boys, strategies they play or use do not make any impact, they keep losing the battle. Mekere is probably all sore inside, it's him that introduced the Political Parties Integrity Bill, which is now perceived as a vehicle of corruption. If not in the hands of true servants, party integrity could perhaps aid dictatorship and tyranny.

Somare's National Alliance led parliament has displayed extensive corruption and tyranny through "majority party rules" which cornered the opposition, Mekere given his hiding by his own doing. 

Nobody in PNG including customary landowners know of such a thing as 99 years SABL (Special Agriculture Business Lease) that grabs land away from landowners, the Environment Act that gives developers the right to operate irrespective of destruction or damages to the environment, the numerous unaccounted for project funds, the missapropriation and squandering of hundreds of millions of Kina from DPE, Finance Dept, Dept Prime Minister etc etc. All this and no strong opposition to fight this graft by the government. The opposition is taken as the heads of all the watchdogs in the country such as Ombudsman Commission, Transparency International, NGO's etc etc but they became Somare's dog, they can't bite, they are noosed up and dragged about and when commanded to stop barking, they do so willingly tucking their tail between two legs. 

What a pity, what a country. With a country full of graft, thank goodness there is such a thing as internet so I could say something so PNGians know one simple citizen out there is aggrieved of his government, question is, with all this corruption, is the country heading for disaster???"