Ombudsman Commission opposition to proposed amendments could not be clearer

The Ombudsman Commission's opposition to the proposed changes to the Leadership Code could not be clearer, despite mischievous claims from some politician that the Commission supports the amendments.

In May 2009 the Ombudsman Commission submitted an 11 page brief to the National Executive Council (which can be downloaded below) setting out its concerns about so called "Maladina" amendments and making clear that it did not support the changes.

The Ombudsman Commission submission makes clear that the proposed changes:

  • reduce the powers of the Ombudsman to hold leaders to account
  • make leaders less accountable for their conduct than ordinary citizens
  • challenge the independence of the Commission

The submission also highlights the failure of Parliament to properly consult on the proposed changes which fundamentally weaken the Leadership Code. 

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I am really not happy with the bill probably Moses Maladina must be from over or may be underworld, try to take Papua New Guinea to a new and a dangerous error.
We still have allot to go this bill is not good i strongly oppose this as a proud citizen of this nation,the nation which is described as primitive,beautiful and a untouched vergin enviroment, this cannot be done.