The Maladina Amendments - get your own copy

The proposed amendments to the Organic Law on the Duties and Responsibilities of Leadership - the so-called 'Maladina amendments' - have created a lot of controversy. 

The Community Coalition Against Corruption is mounting a major campaign to try and persuade Parliament not to enact the proposed amendments.

The Ombudsman Commission, whose powers would be restricted by the proposed amendments, is against the changes (despite apparent claims to the contrary by the Government in Parliament).

But what are the proposed changes?

Attached here is a copy of the Bill that is currently before Parliament - it is not a great copy, but it is the best we can find.

PDF icon Maladina amendment.PDF481.4 KB


Even though this whole saga is being refered to as the "Maladina Amendments", these amendments weren't all his own doing. Don't get me wrong, I'm not defending Maladina, I wouldn't do that in a million years! The fact is though, they were fuelled by nearly all the members of the government and recieved the blessing of the "kingpin" of corrupt PNG politics, "papa" Somare - someone who, given the many halted prosecutions against him, would benefit directly in the future from these changes. 2 years is a lot of time for anyone in leadership to cover up dirt - not enough to compile decent evidence...remember, these are PNG politicians.

Now that these amendments have come about, it's got people wondering how this could ever have happened in PNG. Easy: Governments around the world have all sunk to remarkable levels of low at one time or another - why should ours be any different? However, in the same light, ordinary citizens of nations all around the world have at some point risen up to safeguard their nations from the rain of tyrants and crooks - we are no it's our turn!