Lands Secretary signature 'all over' SABLs

The signature of the Secretary for Lands, Pepi Kimas, appears on the gazettal notices for leases taking away customary landowner rights to over 3.4 million hectares of land.

This appears to contradict Kimas's claims, Post Courier 5 April, that his Department is not responsible for the huge loss of land through 99-year Special Agricuture Business Leases over the last 5 years.

A full analysis of the 74 SABLs, which cover some 5.239 million hectares of land shows Pepi Kimas signature on 56 of the leases, previous Lands Minister, Puka Temu's signature on 9, Romilly Kila-Pat's on 6 and Anthony Luben's on 3.


Minister/delegate No. SABLs Area (ha)
Dr Puka Temu 9 920,122
Pepi S. Kimas 56 3,430,531
Romilly Kila-Pat 6 822,983
Anthony Luben 3 65,484
Totals 74 5,239,111



It never stops and I'm getting freakin tired of this bs. Enough is enough and I'm about to support ANYTHING that stops the theives in Waigani. ANYTHING!!!!!!!

It is a wonder when you see Kima, Kila-Pat, Luben the have more than one car, gold chains and rings for themselves and wives and living extravagant lifestyles.

The Department of Lands has over taken the other government departments as the most corrupt department.

It is a shame to see a building named after Kimas. The has failed miserably to eliminate corruption in the department and has nothing to show off.

Puka Temu needs to explain publicly what role he played in this.