Landowners secure important victory on PMIZ

Landowners from Madang have secured a significant and important victory in their opposition to the Pacific Marine Industrial Zone which is being built on their land by the government with money borrowed from China.

The government says the PMIZ will be Papua New Guinea's first Special Economic Zone, under new laws being written for PNG by the World Bank. The government says the PMIZ will provide a hub for tuna processing in the region and around 30,000 factory jobs.

But local people say the zone has been bulldozed through and is being imposed on them without proper consultation. They say they are fearful of the social, economic and environmental impacts the PMIZ will bring.

Two weeks ago the people held their own Forum to try and learn more about what the PMIZ will mean for them - but invited Ministers and government Departments did not show which caused a lot of anger and resentment.

But now the government has caved in to landowner demands and a high powered delegation of Ministers and MPs is meeting with the landowners today (see news stories below).


_Let this small, but significant, victory set the precedent, a signal, a warning to the arrogant, greed-led Government of PNG 'for the multinationals'!
_That slowly but surely, we, the ppl, are beginning to understand our basic rights, how to exercise these rights, and interpret and use the laws of the land.
_We no longer live in dark past, illiterate and 'Yes Masta' ppl…not any moa!
_Don’t 4get, MPs, we have ppl in our villages who are more smarter, brighter and intelligent that you mobs in the Haus Tambaran!
_Don’t 4get also, there’s 100 years or so of sowing education seeds and accumulated knowledge are sprouting in villages and communities!
_We’re not what used to be 50 or 100 years ago!
_We’re are different generation; more astute, more knowledgeable of bigger issues, so thread cautiously!
_The Madang victory, albeit petit, serves notice on you arrogant fools!

i dont Think this is victory, let's ban it totally and encourage smallholderfishermen or encourage joint venture between the locals and the international and not totally private companies ruling the PMIZ

PMIZ is a good project where the PIAP will benefit from. What alternative source of income or benefit the NGOs have to give to the people. The NGOs (BRG) and its allies are using the people to fight amongst themselves.
Those of us who support the project will support the Govt project for the good of the LLG, the Pro Govt and the Nat Govt.
Rehammb and KIL continue to support so that you will benefit from it as you are benefiting currently. The the others suffer at the hands of NGOs

Love the same old tired response from the "arrogant fools" and tea boys about NGOs having to provide an alternative for income. Hmmmmm gee a whole ocean out there and we can't think how to generate income. Gosh - hmmm - gee - I guess they are right - bring in the outsiders - destroy our environment, exploit our people and call it development. Wake up Aung - you're being taking for a ride -and its not by the NGOs.