Kapris videos available on line

Update 6 May: The Kapris videos are back on YouTube in a new location and the links below have been updated so you can view the tapes (thanks Ari for the information). 

Update 5 May: The Kapris videos have been removed from YouTube and can no longer be viewed using the links below. If they become available again we will update this page. 

Papua New Guinea's most notorious criminal, William Kapris, has been commanding the headlines since his infamous escape from Bomana jail and subsequent recapture because of what he knows about the murky world of PNG crime, Asian gangs and the politicians who are reputedly involved.

Now video clips of Kapris telling his own story about his robberies and the people who assisted him and profited from his crimes are available on the internet and are being sold on dvd on the streets of Port Moresby.

In the videos Kapris alleges that three MPs each received K300,000 from the proceeds of the Madang BSP bank robbery - Patrick Pruaitch, Tony Aimo and Francis Marus. Kapris also names Arthur Somare and talks about the operation of an Asian 'Black Bank'.

While it is unclear how the videos have been released and who is responsible, the fact is that they are now in the public domain and the interest in viewing them is huge.

These are the links to the Kapris video clips on YouTube.

William Kapris - family history

William Kapris - part two

William Kapris - part three

William Kapris - Madang BSP robbery 

William Kapris - Asian Black Bank






Names of three highly placed Government MP’s have been named by William Kapris. Apart from being filthy at the crime itself, and how these men cast a doubt on the security of this nation by using elements in the police force and correctional services, I am concerned at the boldness of these individuals.

These men are wealthy enough, in the ruling party, and have many avenues to rob this nation’s coffers via white-collar methods. However, the raw criminal nature of these acts and Mafioso technique employed is disturbing and exhibits a “no-care” “I-can-do-whatever-I-want” attitude. These people used real police personnel and weapons in these robberies and even after the robberies were completed, “cockily” arranged for Kapris to hang around town going on drinking sprees in total mockery of our law enforcers. When Kapris got caught, they then simply organized a “walkout” from the nation’s most secured prison facility!

It is this total disrespect for our nation’s constitution and the rule of law that infuriates me.

These men are enemies of the state, and should be tried for treason and publicly executed!

Our constitution is the thread that binds 1000 different cultures together. The constitution is the only seed from which this nation sprouted. The constitution is the only reason a Highlander is allowed to come and settle down in NCD, live and pursue happiness on the customary land of the Motu-Koita people. Our constitution is the only reason a boy from Manus is benefitting from a government provided education funded through mining tax credit schemes from OK Tedi. Our constitution gives the right to a grandfather from Angoram whose un-resourceful village has never contributed anything to the coffers of this nation, to sit at the helm of this country and dictate national spending.

Respect and adherence to the constitution is vital.

Without it, I cannot call a Morobe or Samarai man my brother. No one group of people or individual should assume to be above the constitution and the rules that bind us. These men have threatened the very foundation of our livelihood. They must not go unpunished. They must be made an example of.

I pray that all officers in our disciplinary forces, especially our police understand the magnitude of this situation. I pray that they, without fear or favour, carry out their duties. I pray that they remember that when they took the pledge to serve their country, they swore to defend this nation from all its enemies, whether foreign or domestic. A domestic threat arises amongst us. They must quickly and effectively silence this threat, for the good of us all.

How else can we face external threats together? How else can we look each other in the eyes and believe that we a one people?

There's no video. They've been removed. Why doesn't someone who has possession of the videos put them up again but in a new account and keep doing so as long as they're removed?

Anon, the video is still there, just go youtube website and type in Kapris, you should get a couple of other videos with the same name, just select the one you want and it should start loading right away

Fella's the LINKS are available online.............


I would like to give my feelings that there should not be polygamy. If a man wants to he must be prepared to look after every individuals that are under his hands. Like William Kapris. He became bad because of the difficult times he faced as he was growing up. PNG should look at the laws that they make to cater for the growing population now. What we have now are what was in the 1970s. This is 2010. The children who are growing up need both parents to support them to grow up and become a better citizen.

The Kapris issue is the tipping point. Now that the tapes are out, the country needs to mobilize and put pressure on the government to appoint in independent team to investigate this further and get the real culprits apprehended. This is the issue that should get people on the streets. If people remain quite about this, this country is doomed. If people rise up and ensure that the real culprits are dealt with then there is hope. We can NOT tolerate these types of action by our leaders. This has to be dealt with because this is about foreign control. Our country is being controlled by outsiders. People like William Lee mentioned in the tapes are pulling the strings here and there. Our leaders are just mere puppets. The ball is now on our court. We either pick it up and run with or we don't and continue to be spectators while foreigners are exploiting our environment and our people.