Institute: Laws must be Changed

BY MELISSA MARTIN, Post Courier, 11th June 2014

THE National Research Institute is of the view that the special agriculture business leases has leakages and need to be changed. The National Research Institute’s property sector development program leader Dr Charles Yala said this last week during the launching of a draft policy on issues and lessons drawn from laws relating to SABLs.

He said the policy needs to be changed into the new volun-tary customary land registration (ILG)’s process and that will provide a framework for a way forward.

“The SABLs problems are far greater therefore its ideal time to put an end to this as we can-not continue to rely on SABL,” he said.“For almost 40 years, no legal process has been put in place by the government, to protect the interest of landowners and their land. Dr Yala said the analysis of the four National Court deci-sions clearly lends support to the findings of the SABL In-quiry.