How the Papua New Guinea government is taking your land

Special Agriculture Business Leases (SABL) is the new method the Papua New Guinea Government is using to take land away from customary owners. The leases are granted for 99 years without the knowledge and consent of landowners. In 2010, more than 2 million hectares was stolen, bringing the total area lost to more than 5 million hectares since 2001. The common scenario: landowners are promised agriculture projects on their land but the company also says they need to clear-fell the forest in order to develop the land. Before you know it, the company has harvested logs and is making its way to new areas leaving nothing behind, but to add to the insult, the 99-year lease means landowners lose control of their land for three generations!



It's sad that the government thru the "lands dept" have allowed this to happen. I come from an island in New Ireland where we have been victim to such an arrangement.. though DEC and other relevant agencies haven't given permits for the works to go ahead, i've been reliably informed that there are already heavy machinery down @ the island on standby to start felling the rainforest to build a road and initiate some oil palm estate..

It's a pity becoz the government is supposed to be protecting the people but instead, thru its agencies NFA/DEC/DOL are robbing the people of their very own land and we'll soon become aliens on our own land.....