Have your say on the crisis facing PNG

On May 4th, thousands of people walked to Parliament House in Port Moresby to protest against government plans to weaken the powers of the Ombudsman Commission. But PNG is facing a much bigger crisis than just this one piece of legislation. 

In the last week:
The people who marched and those who signed the petition have told the government what we think of their plans for the Ombudsman Commission. But this is not enough as the crisis in much wider.
So what do you think needs to happen now?
We want to hear from YOU on the crisis facing PNG and what YOU think can be done. This may seem like a very small step - but it is essential you have your say if we are going to move forward. 
Please use the comments box below to tell the world how you are feeling right now about the crisis in PNG and tell everyone what you want to see happen.



(1)Kapris revelations: Our own police force is too compromised to do anything with this case for obvious reasons. I want the Prime Minister to immediately stand down the 3 politicians named and invite an independent and impartial police force such as the AFP to come in (and may I tell clowns like Luther Wenge to shut up and stop paddling nonsense) with a specific mandate to help our authorities arrest, question and prosecute the perpetrators as named. Failing this, the PM must resign. If all else fails, the Governor General must intervene in such a way that sees this case being properly investigated and prosecuted.

(2)Embezzlement of $300 million: WE THE PEOPLE MUST ARISE AND USE THE PEOPLE POWER TO FORCE THE JUDICIARY TO LIFT THE INJUNCTIONS SO THAT THE FINDINGS AND RECOMMENDATIONS OF THE FINANCE COMMISSION OF INQUIRY CAN NOW BE IMPLEMENTED. The courts are not a refuge for cheats to go and hide their ugly faces. The first step would be for us to get hold of the exact terms of the injunctions and see if we can defeat these injunctions by invoking provisions of 'greater good' in our Constitution on the basis of their unconstitutionality.

(3) Corrupt lawyers: The law society or whoever it is that regulates the activities of lawyers in this country to immediately suspend the practising licenses of those implicated until they clear their names using due process.

Why was the bill defered???

To give ample time for general consultation on the Maladina Bill. SCREW MALADINA & THE GOVERNMENT .....!!!!! General or nationwide consultation should have been done earlier before Mr Maladina presented it in Parliament.

Why did Sir Michael ask Dr Marat to resign????
Well Dr Marat has come out clear .... The PM must step down or come clear on alot of outstanding issues.

So many news and events have been unfolded over the last couple of months in relation to the corruption in our beloved country PNG.

The main caption hitting the air waves of PNG and overseas is the news of Bank robbery suspect's (W. Kapris) escape with 11 others and their recapture. Not only that but the shocking revelation of news of 3 prominent parliarmentarians all believed to be in Government being involved in sponsoring the Madang & Kerema bank robberies (SMS Text circulated with names).

Compounded with the above, so many allegations against our PM and his ministers and government beaurecrats have not been cleared and still unresolved and pending.

Many decisions spearheaded by foreigners acting as consultants to our government have forcefully being bulldozed through the parliarments by politicias without knowing the short & long term consequences of their actions.

We believed all these have being done in the name of selfishness, greed and self-interest by our blinded members of parliaments.

My suggestion is that the old PM (Michael T. Somare) is running out of steam of new ideas. He must resign now because he's already selling this beautiful country of ours to the outside aliens.

Or Citizens of this great nation (PNG) has to stand up and SAY NO to this corrupt activities being going on undetected for sometimes. We need to either forcefully protest again nationwide to reveal our frustrations to the government or urge the current gov't to dissolve the parliament and go for fresh election.

Over to Act Now Members.

Shame on all these politicians and prominent public figures given the mandate by us Papua New Guineans to mind/deliver our privileges. We have all walked this motherland of ours in our life time, proclaim our pride, joy and loyalty in our anthem all our life but with more responsibility now more than ever because we are more matured than our kids who sing without much deliberation. For the life of me, and thousands of fellow PNGeans, we're dumbfounded by the apparent easy and defined scheme in which corruption is portraited nationally and internationally. Cant these people of stature see that IT IS WRONG? And whats worse, they are looking at going back for another term in parliament. You politicians and people of stature(those named in the inquiries that is)have raped your own country men, women and children off their rights and privileges in all your dealings with the national and international syndicates. You and all those who have benefited(and sadly the core of our culture) your family, have deprived this nation of the true economic, social and religious value it truely deserves. Look around and see the unemployed roaming the streets, those dying without the proper and rightful attention they deserve, the migrants populating our cities because of lack of services back home, the pick-pocket getting bashed up trying to earn a living by doing so, the public servant accepting bribes just to meet ends meet, the poor lady working 24/7 just to make sure the tax doesnt get all her earnings, etc, etc.... That gap between the well-offs and the poor is widening and your selfishness is powering these miseries.
The next elections is around the corner and I would like to see that all those members in parliament now should face the music and leave that office. But before they do that, they knowingly corrupted or were taken into corruption by other members and they know how, when, why, who, where the loop holes are in our legislative, executive and judicial system. Just save face and plugged these loop holes for the new members so they are not taken into the same boat that has been sailing for the past 33yrs. You will be remembered more for your wrongs than your good deeds but your country, which is bigger than your stature, will prosper into this era that we have been drifting away from since 1975.

Lets fight corruption with NATION WIDE PEACUFUL STRIKE. Maybe then these idiots will know that we will not mumble about it and forget it the next day so they can continue. I believe most avenues that will stand up for the good citizens of these country are compromised so it's up to us! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH...corruption is happening outright at a mind boggling stage, let's not mmble about it and forget it.