Corporate laws failing to protect human rights in Papua New Guinea

There are no government administered policies, codes or guidelines in PNG related to corporate governance that would encourage companies to develop a corporate culture respectful of human rights. 

That is the conclusion drawn in a review of corporate law and human rights in PNG conducted by international law firm Allens Arthur Robinson on behalf of the United Nations Human Rights Council.

The UN has recognised the duty of the state to protect against human rights abuses by corporations through appropriate policies, regulations and adjudication. This duty sits alongside the corporations responsibility to respect human rights and the rights of victims to greater access to effective remedies where their rights are breached.

In an attempt to understand how national laws and policies dealing with incorporation and listing; directors’ duties; reporting; stakeholder engagement; and corporate governance more generally require, facilitate or discourage companies from respecting human rights, the UN instigated a Corporate Law Project looking at the state duty to protect in forty different countries, including PNG.

The full AAR report on PNG can be downloaded below.