O'Neill must probe corrupt deals now


Anti Corruption, Waigani

To avoid negative public perception that Prime Minister O’Neill’s anti-corruption drive as only a smokescreen to lull the nation into a sense of false security while the treasury is plundered unhindered and unnoticed with only 10 months remaining before the next general election, the Prime Minister must take swift action where it matters most.

If the O’Neill/Namah government is genuinely serious in fighting corruption and graft, then it should take immediate action against corrupt government agencies and the bureaucrats that manages those entities.

One such agency is the Motor Vehicle Insurance Limited (MVIL). This organisation has been known for using public funds under its custody for covert investments into real estate, private medical hospitals, aviation and other business ventures outside of governmental guidelines and rules.

MVIL must be thoroughly investigated by the special independent prosecutor appointed by the government and the management must be held accountable for its actions. The investigations must unearth the facts in relation to who owns those businesses funded by MVIL.

Other government agencies that ought to be grilled by the prosecutor are the National Museum, NAQIA, Tourism Promotion Authority, Public Curators Office, National Forest Authority and the Department of Environment and Conservation.

The Prime Minister must take further action into the K200 million secret accounts held by an MP in a Singapore bank and the Taiwan Diplomatic Scandal that brought irreparable damage to the country.

The Kapris bank robbery saga involving three current MP’s must also be dealt with. The Police Commissioner has been very quiet on this matter.

The silent majority demand actions on all these outstanding issues.

According to Prime Minister O’Neill’s own words, ‘no stone must be left unturned’ in this fight against corruption. Prime Minister, since you don’t have the luxury of time, you better start your work of exposing and deposing corruption now.

Otherwise you would be a laughing stock in the 2012 general election.


It is the same old promises always delivered by new governments when taking up the office, but if O'Neil is serious then he should turn this words into action or else he will definitely be ridiculed coming 2012 general elections.