ACTION ALERT: Email the Prime Minister and register your protest

Last Friday, May 28th, was an extraordinary day in PNG's history as the government rushed through amendments to the Environment Act . These amendments:

  • take away landowners customary and legal rights;
  • give the government unfettered power to approve resource projects; 
  • deny anyone the right of challenge through the courts; and
  • take away ALL legal rights to compensation for environmental damage.

This ground breaking legislation is UNPRECEDENTED in the free world. Not only does it take away Constitutional rights it removes basic democratic protection by denying the rights of the courts to review the exercise of executive power.

But this legisation was passed by Parliament without anybody being allowed to see the Bill before it was presented. Nobody was allowed to read or comment on the text. There was no scrutiny by a Select Committee and not even a Parliamentary debate.

Parliament was used as a rubber stamp and the citizens of PNG have been treated like fools.

Send an email to the PM's press secretary right now and tell the government what you think. You can use our suggested text or replace it with your own.

If you are not convinced how BAD this legislation is then read what the media has been saying:

As Michael Malabag said on EMTV News last night, this law is abhorrent because: 

people have an inalienable right to their land and this parliament has no right to take that away from them. This country does not belong to multi-national corporations

It is ironic that Michael Somare, a man who is still revered for his role as first Prime Minister of an Independent Papua New Guinea, should be the one who is effectively returning Our Country to colonial rule and taking away our rights to challenge what foreign companies do on OUR LAND.

The people of PNG must stand up and protest this undemocratic, unconstitutional and draconian law.

If we do not PROTEST now then there is no limit to what this government may do next.

Send your email to the PM's press secretary right NOW!

There are already plans being developed for a National Day of Protest so please think about how you can help orgainse or participate in a local march.

Finally, please forward this ACTION ALERT to as many people as possible and ask them to send to also send an email to the PM's press secretary

Together we can STOP this legisation!

ACT NOW! team 


Dear Prime Minister Michael Somare,

You are a total disgrace to all Papua New Guineans for you have lost the plot of what good honest and responsible government is.

PNG deserves a better Prime Minister than you for you have been in politics for over 40 years but have learnt absolutely nothing about running an effective government and making your people rich with their resources plundered by you and interests.

Papua New Guineans do not have any respect for you as PM so you should do the right thing and resign as PNG desperately needs a new Prime Minister NOW!

Step aside PM for your due date has already expired yesterday.

Somare, you have sold us out to the Chinese. How much did you get in kickbacks for this? Don't you remember what you wanted to accomplish when you started? or has 40 years of taking bribes, being the Bikman and treating the people like mediaeval serfs fed your delusions of grandeur? You are a disgrace, a sell-out and should be removed from office immediately.

Copper tailings into the water off Madang?!? Complete impunity for all resource companies? NO recourse for landowners or concerned citizenry? You are insane. (Or you're prepared to sacrifice Madang Province to keep your Chinese masters happy.) You risk national unrest on an unprecedented scale.

The government of png including the PM are totally hopless and usless.
A session of Parliment is like watching a cartoon, the understanding of important issues of png is denied as most are asleep in session.
The amendment from Wari Iamo is a disgrace and must not be valid as the people did not instruct this government to change.
The PM and daughter and son's are killing PNG , the people must rise and be counted and have these Sepiks removed at once, the government needs to restructured before the next elections.
A 'Bill" of no confidence must be submitted this coming week.
The statement today in the Post Courier regarding climate change and the PM attempt to carbon account is just another piece of evidence that this PM and his Government are sick in the head.Total idiots. long long ting ting.